Safety Concerns with Steel Grill Brushes Send Customers Running to Woven Brass Grill Brush

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( — October 15, 2014) Falmouth, ME — Two men have undergone emergency surgery after bristles from steel BBQ Brushes perforated their intestines. According to, these two recent accidents draw attention of the public because of its unexpected grilling hazard brought about by steel barbecue grill brushes. These two men were brought to local hospitals due to stomach pain after barbecuing. Both of them had swallowed steel bristles that had become attached to the food after the grill was cleaned.


Brass grill brushes sold by Do-Be Products on Amazon have bristles made of brass instead of steel which is softer and much safer compared to steel or stainless steel bristles. A brush material like brass is appropriate for any porcelain or enamel-coated cast-iron cooking grates. This is important for any grills as it won’t leave any scratch on the surface and no tiny bristles will be picked up by food. Amazon customers gave excellent reviews about Do-Be Products’ Brass Grill Brush. Patronizers of this product reiterated the fact that it is a combination of great design and high quality material that deliver its sole purpose of removing all possible signs of grease and food debris.


“This is a great product that gets between the grill racks. The brass is of good quality and makes cleaning the grill more efficient,” wrote by Stephanie Elder on an Amazon review.


“I have had a lot of Brass Bristle brushes, but this one is the best by far! No more chipping or scratching my porcelain covered cast iron grates! I highly recommend this brush,” added by Genesis Communications.


However, some are light duty and wear out quickly so it is better to choose an inexpensive one that has a good quality material that will last long. Before buying any brass grill brush like the ones sold by Do-be Products on Amazon, it is very important to read reviews and check what materials it is made of. Remember to inspect your grill brush to avoid leaving bits behind or if bristles are loose or have already broken off, it is best to get a new one.


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