Freddie And Sebbie Help Make Parents With Trashed Cars A Distant Memory

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( — October 16, 2014) Las Vegas, NV — 


Nevada based children line accessory business Freddie and Sebbie say they have been overwhelmed by appreciation from American parents who state their worse nightmares are now over thanks to how Freddie and Sebbie quality accessories have helped them win the trash battle they had been having with their children. Business spokesman Neil Speight, and father of 4, states that their first success came about after introducing the extra large trash can having assisted parents fix the trouble of needing to deal with a huge quantity of garbage. He said… “Following our preliminary success with the large sized trash can, though we received so many terrific evaluations from happy parents, quite a few were saying how much they needed quality car seat protectors too, as baby safety seats were leaving nasty marks on the car seat upholstery.”



Since being launched on the Amazon marketplace a little over a year back, customers on Amazon have stated… “The car seat protector is terrific! Its much better than I thought, not flimsy. Fits terrific too! Real protection for my leather seats.” “This seat protector works extremely well. The protector totally covers the area the infant seat occupies and stays nicely in place, and no slipping at all. This protector is durable to spills, and other wear and tear. My partner and I have them in both our vehicles and are very happy with them. An excellent item!”




Mr Speight states that when designing new products, their company approach is to really learn from their customers, which has resulted in producing a number of auto cleaning products that our customers had actually been crying out for. He stated… “With 4 children of my own including a teen and 2 infant twins, keeping the vehicle spick-and-span can be a real marathon task, which has allowed me at least to understand the problems our customers were having to constantly keep their vehicles in perfect condition. So when the requirement calls to produce another cleaning solution for American moms and dads, the Freddie and Sebbie innovative design group will produce the ideal product for each cleaning occasion. Not only that, all the Freddie and Sebbie kids line accessories are made to the highest requirements in quality, security and reliability, as we genuinely believe in offering the best to both parents and children.”


The Car Back Seat Protector by Freddie and Sebbie is solely sold on Amazon, having nearly 200 consumer ratings, 143 client testimonials, and has been awarded a 4.5 star rating (out of 5). Neil says customers also reveal their appreciation for the car seat protector’s lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee with one customer saying… “Most likely the safest purchase I have actually ever made. Not only guaranteed by Amazon, but also comes with a replacement warranty from Freddie and Sebbie. The quality of the car seat protectors would indicate that they will certainly last for a long time, and the car seat protectors also do a fantastic job of keeping my car seats clean. My grand-children’s car seats are also very well secured now and never ever slip. Well done Freddie and Sebbie, and thanks!”


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