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( — October 16, 2014) Buffalo, NY — Consumers need to know what makes a great garden hose. Safety should be your number one priority, even if you’re never going to drink water straight from your hose. Just because you’re never going to do it, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be safe to do so. After all, do you want your precious plants, pets, and even children to be exposed to water that isn’t safe to drink from a hose? Poor brands may have toxic chemicals in them. This is why you need to get a hose that is safe and doesn’t have these toxins in them.

Water Straight From The Hose 

The Clear Flow™ Garden Hose is one of the safest hoses on the market today. The material it’s made from is both non-toxic and anti-bacterial. This is great news for people who spend a lot of time working in their gardens, particularly in hot weather. When the mood strikes, you can safely drink the water from your hose. This also means that your children, pets, and plants are all safe with this water as well.

No Kink Garden Hose

Kinking is perhaps the biggest pet peeve of most homeowners, especially those who work in the garden. There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t get irate when their garden hose starts kinking, or they walk out to find a kinked hose. Clear Flow™ Garden Hose makes sure that never happens. If you find out that your garden hose is constantly kinking, then that may be a sign that it’s time to buy a new one. The Clear Flow™ Garden Hose is made from anti-kinking materials that prevent it from ever giving you a headache.

Lasts A Long Time

Another thing you need from your hose is the knowledge that it will last many years. We all know that it is more economical to buy something that will last a long time, than it is to get something that only lasts a few weeks or months. The Clear Flow™ Garden Hose is made from NSF approved safe materials that will make sure it lasts a long time. It can be used for not only the garden, but farming and general cleaning as well. Nylon fittings make sure that your hose is crush proof. It can also be left outside in record low temperatures. When you remove the nozzle to drain the water, the flat hose design facilitates this and makes your task easier.

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