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(Newswire.net — October 17, 2014) Tempe, AZ — Wolff Mechanical Inc., the leading Phoenix AC service company for over 22 years, announced that Daikin VRV technology is now available for residential installations. The system, from Daikin Industries Ltd., makes use of variable refrigerant flow. In use commercially since 1982, the system is said to provide true zoning, smaller ductwork, high efficiency and a quiet operation that is unsurpassed in most residential installations.

“We think consumers will enjoy the energy savings, low maintenance and warranty offered by the Daikin system,” said Wolff Mechanical owner and founder, Marty Wolff. “Our experience in providing residential hvac services in the Phoenix area tells us that residential customers will be very surprised at the difference this system will make in their homes.”

The Daikin VRV system does not work in the same manner as conventional air conditioning systems. Conventional air conditioning works by cooling a whole building. The VRV system is designed to cool by precisely adjusting to the conditions in each individual room. This creates a more efficient and cost-effective system. Originally created and designed with commercial buildings in mind, Wolff Mechanical now brings the Daikin VRV technology to the residential market.

The new Daikin heating and cooling solutions system offered by Wolff Mechanical allows home owners the flexibility to enjoy an air conditioning system that adjusts itself to the constantly change conditions in each room of a house. Instead of cooling an entire home or a particular zone in a house to one temperature, occupied rooms can be cooled to a different level than rooms that are not occupied for maximum comfort and energy savings.


Learn more about the Wolff Mechanical’s new Daikin VRV Phoenix air conditioning system by calling 602-811-0004 or visit the website by clicking here.  

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As the recognized leader in Phoenix ac services, Wolff Mechanical is a recognized Daikin VRV systems dealer that also carries a full line of all major brands, including Lennox, Sun Source, Trane and Carrier. As a full-service heating, air conditioning and solar company, Wolff has been offering cost-effective and efficient solutions for residential and commercial energy needs for more than 22 years in the Valley of the Sun.

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