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( — October 21, 2014)  Dean is well known for his real estate investing advice and his New York Times bestselling books. However, he has also been inspiring people throughout his career with his late night television appearances and his Weekly Wisdom blog. Dean Graziosi uses these avenues to help people accomplish their goals, become inspired, and get motivated to improve themselves. The life changing information and motivational messages are always personally delivered by Dean without scripts or teleprompters with the intent of directly touching the hearts and minds of the viewers.

Dean Graziosi was a poverty-stricken child who was raised by his single mother. This led to him wearing hand me down clothes and constant teasing by his peers. As a result he struggled with his classes and almost failed to complete high school. After years of feeling depressed and struggling to find a purpose for his life he became interested in real estate. This interest soon became a passion for him and he purchased his first real estate investment property. He purchased a run-down apartment building, in his hometown with no money down, fixed it up and starting earning money from his tenants. Today, Dean Graziosi is considered to top real estate investing expert in the country and continues to do real estate transactions every year.

His underprivileged childhood forced him to make a future for himself and uses this as his inspiration to help others improve their lives. He uses his Weekly Wisdom blog as a way for him to relay inspirational messages to his followers. Each video is full of life changing information, as well as some real estate investing advice, that Dean hopes will change the word for the better. The intent of the videos are to help people develop talents and potential, build human capital, facilitate employability, and enhance quality of life, all while contributing to the realization of dreams and aspirations. With nearly two hundred Weekly Wisdom videos available on his blog people can always find that extra inspiration or motivation to help them meet their goals or ambitions.

His Weekly Wisdom videos can be all be viewed on his YouTube channel which can be accessed here:

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