Exhilarate Glass Company Stresses Qualities of a Good Glass Water Bottle with Straw

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(Newswire.net — October 20, 2014) Fairfax, VA — Strong and durable are two of the first qualities that comes to mind when faced with the task of selecting the ideal glass water bottle with straw, but is that all one really needs to look for when purchasing such an item? The simple answer is no. While both qualities rank high on the list of what to look for, they only form part of a list of essential qualities that glass water bottle with straw should possess.

When selecting water bottles in general, people are concerned about portability, chemical composition and subsequent contamination of their water, insulation properties, strength and durability. The plus for glass water bottles is that unlike with the plastic ones, there’s no BPA or other harmful chemicals to contend with, therefore, making the glass hardware non-toxic and eco-friendly.

The general downside of glass water bottles is that they are usually heavy, break easily, clumsy to take around due to size and difficulty in gripping it. In order to successfully produce a glass water bottle that is ideal for the on-the-go lifestyle, a manufacturer would have to create a product that surmounts all these challenges. Failing that, in spite of its great properties, the glass hardware would always get left behind.

Has any glass bottle manufacturer been able to get it right and produce a bottle that meets the expectations of water bottle users?

The qualities of a good glass water bottle with straw include being small (easy to carry, manageable size), easy to grip, lightweight, clear, does not retain odors, stain easily or cause an aftertaste, easy to clean and store and spill-proofed to prevent accidents and messes. 

The Glass Water Bottle with a straw from Exhilarate not only meets and satisfies these qualities, but can be regarded as the model product within its category. The spill proof cap and straw combination is said to make it one of the most mess-resistant water bottles on the market. The glass naturally stain resistant, and it comes with a silicone sleeve that allows for an easy grip. Persons can take it around wherever they go as it fits nicely into most backpack pouches and cup holders, plus they are reusable and top rack ready for dishwashers.

Currently, these glass water bottles are available on Amazon. Each purchase is also backed by the company‘s money-back guarantee.

The company is also offering new customers a $5 discount by using the code “PBBIG9BX” when purchased on Amazon.com. They can visit the link http://iazrs.com/nb9rjn5ELd

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Exhilarate Glass Company is a top manufacturer of functional and stylish glassware. Their mission is to provide interesting and functional glass water bottles that will help people, even those who do not like drinking water, stay hydrated while on the go.

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