Compelling Health Reasons To Use Pedometers For Walking

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( — October 21, 2014)  — Brisk walking is one of the most popular and effective ways to keep fit. Millions of people worldwide walk daily in an effort to stay healthy. It is one of the easiest ways to exercise.  Walking is an activity that can be performed by any age group and does not require expensive equipment.


The benefits of regular walking are immense. Bone density is significantly increased due to the fact that one is carrying one’s body weight. This is especially important for the elderly and those suffering from arthritis as walking helps keep joints healthy. It builds muscle and improves body tone.


The number of people contracting diabetes is growing at a frightening pace. Walking at a brisk pace for thirty minutes a day has shown to reduce the risk of contracting diabetes by between twenty to fifty percent.  Diabetes sufferer’s can reduce blood sugar levels by walking. Exercise is one of the best ways to counter and control diabetes.


Walking stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the heart. It reduces blood pressure and lowers bad cholesterol. This in turn reduces the risk of suffering a stroke.  By increasing oxygen flow to your cells, walking boosts energy levels and sharpens the senses.


An effective way to stay motivated and keep to your schedule of daily walks is to use a pedometer. A Pedometer is a device that measures walking distance, step count, and calories burnt .Some models also allow for the setting of targets. A summary of 26 studies by the Harvard Medical School shows that pedometer users walk 2000 more steps per day than non users. Monitoring progress towards a goal is a powerful motivational tool. Using pedometers for walking is a growing and popular trend among walking and fitness enthusiasts.


Ideally a pedometer should be compact and easy to carry around during walks. Using one that has 3D technology is even better . This means the pedometer does not necessarily have to be worn around the waist, but can be placed anywhere around the body , including a pants or shirt pocket or held in the hand.


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