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( — October 21, 2014)  — With the growing threat of technology, constant talk about a zombie takeover or alien invasion, and popular television shows like Doomsday Preppers, it’s no wonder more and more Americans are becoming survival enthusiasts’ everyday.


After researching several mens’ magazines that covered everything from gillies suites to cars that convert to submarines we came accross this little gem.  With an emphasis on brilliant photos and staright forward snippets they don’t waste your time with fluff.  Whether you want to pick up the top rated survival gear or just check out the hottest babes FatalDose has you covered., a digital magazine for men, recently published an infographic featuring gear that they believe is essential to surviving the apocalypse. The presentation displays images, short descriptions, and prices for each mention on the list. Click here to check it out.


“We wanted to show off some of the items we’ve covered on the site in the past, and we wanted to have fun with it,” says Dominik Schwab, the founder of FatalDose. “Readers will find some very practical equipment on the list, as well as a few tongue-in-cheek items, such as a $300,000 armored vehicle, and a walk-in beer cooler.”


Other notable items include a double barrel pistol, a 2,800 lumen flashlight, a tree tent, the latest spy drone from Parrot, and an all-in-one survival cabinet. 


In addition to the infographic, FatalDose recently published a variety of other entertaining features in an effort to expand their reach within the male demographic. According to editors of the site, the mission is to avoid long, repetitive articles full of fluff, and to focus instead on delivering content in an easy-to-read format with plenty of intriguing photos and short, witty paragraphs.


“I love the fact that FatalDose is all about the content,” says longtime reader Jonathan Siegel. “The website is clean and minimal, the article titles aren’t overhyped, the writing is straight-forward, the images are awesome, and they offer a little bit of everything, whether it’s cars, women, apps, or photography.”

Launched earlier this year, has seen impressive growth, with a sharp rise in visitors, loyal readers, and social media followers. Schwab says that other plans are on the horizon, including branded videos and a virtual shop, although no official timetable has been set at this time.


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