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Most people do not need to spend that much time in the sun to receive the amount vitamin D a human body needs, however researchers are cautioning that repeated exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays without appropriate defense might result in causing skin damage, eye damage, body immune system suppression, as well as skin cancer. Younger people in their twenties are definitely not immune to unsafe sun rays, and could also establish skin cancer.



Father of 4 and Nevada online business owner Mr Neil Speight states the majority of us will certainly get most of our life time sun direct exposure as kids before the age of 18, making it vital for parents to show children the best ways to take pleasure in the sun in the safest way possible, saying… “The onus is really on parents to implement the appropriate preventative measures against being overexposed to harfmul sun rays, as kids also stand a chance of developing skin cancer by being overexposed to the sun’s dangerous rays.”


Neil, who is co-owner of a Nevada based kid’s accessory business shared some important truths concerning sun direct exposure, and said… “The sun is responsible for radiating light to the earth as is commonly known, but it also consists of invisible UV rays that interact with exposed skin, triggering off tanning, burning, and other kinds of skin damage. The sunshine itself consists of three different kinds of ultraviolet rays, called UVA, UVB, and UVC. The UVA rays are responsible for causing skin aging and wrinkling in addition to provoking different skin cancers like melanoma.


Mr Speight also explained that the UVB rays are just as dangerous, and responsible for causing sunburn, cataracts, and provoking body immune system troubles, but also play a major role in triggering skin cancer. Melanoma is the most typical and harmful kind of skin cancer, and has actually been connected with serious UVB sunburns which affect people under the age of 20. Finally, and the most hazardous of all are the UVC rays, though thankfully these rays are entirely blocked by what’s left of the ozone layer so at least they don’t reach the earth.


“What’s crucial though is for parents to know the best ways to safeguard children from being exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays, the invisible danger that actually causes sun burn and skin cancer,” says Neil, who concluded with a few vital guidelines… “A high factor Sun lotion that obstructs both UVA and UVB rays must be put on all exposed skin locations before leaving home. Constantly reapply after bathing even if the sun cream states it’s waterproof. Stick to shady city areas when possible, and also see to it that there’s a car sun shade properly positioned in the back of the vehicle to safeguard youngsters from direct sunlight. Kids do have so much enjoyment in the sun, so just help them to be safe from any invisible dangers, but do allow them to make the most of all the goodness that the sun does have to provide our body.”


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