Caravans for Displaced People in ‪Iraq Campaign Launched

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( — October 23, 2014) Bagdad, Iraq — Iraqi Youth activists launched a campaign on social Media Networks to pressure the Iraqi government, businessmen and Famous people to provide caravans for displaced people in ‪Iraq because of the hard cold winter season.


Also, many famous Iraqi figures supported this campaign since it started three days ago. Steven Nabeel, an Iraqi activist and the creator of this campaign, said: “The tents that the displaced people are living in now can’t stand two days under the continuously strong rain and wind waves, so we demand and ask the government and anyone to provide them with caravans” Sara Altaj, young Iraqi activist said : “I supported this campaign because I simply imagined myself without home in this hard weather, and there is no roof to protect my head, so these people need us now more than ever” Iraqi people are now focused on this subject more than anything also, And #‎Caravans_for_Iraqi_IDPs is the number one hashtag trending in Iraq now, And till now more than 400 Caravans were provided for displaced people, and Kurdistan’s Government will provide 1000 Caravans in less than a week “According to Kurdish diplomatic figures” to the Displaced people in the north of Iraq. Refuges affairs Commissioner of the UN in Iraq reported that the total number of displaced Iraqis in various parts of the country reached 1.8 million people in the various governorates of Iraq within 9 months, and that “the number of refugees in Iraq are increasing. Iraq might be an Injured Country, but it won’t die because it has these kind of people who have nothing to give except their voice to spread this message, Even if the Government doesn’t move, the people are ready to do anything to help each other.