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( — October 23, 2014) Castle Rock, Colorado Halloween is the one time of year where kids get to disguise themselves as everything from scary monsters to their favorite characters and hit the streets in search of as much candy as they can carry. Trick-or-treat is a fun night that allows kids to indulge in all of their favorite sweets. Unfortunately, all that candy can wreak havoc on their teeth, causing a nightmare that lasts long after the spooks and thrills of Halloween.

To reduce the impact of all that Halloween candy, Dr. Scott Brody and his staff at Castle Rock Family Dental in Castle Rock are sponsoring a Halloween candy buy back program. Kids simply bring in their extra Halloween candy and trade it for cash. For every pound of candy a child brings in, he or she receives one dollar. “I know there are very few things that kids love as much as candy,” says Dr. Brody, “and cash is one of those things. Offering a cash reward encourages kids to give up some of their hard-earned candy, and less candy means fewer cavities.

Despite the damaging effects that candy can have on the teeth, Dr. Brody understands that indulging in their favorite sweets is one of the highlights of Halloween for most kids. To ensure that they still get plenty of enjoyment out of the holiday, he encourages parents to help their youngsters sort through their trick-or-treat bags and set aside their favorites before bringing the leftovers to the Castle Rock dentist’s office.

According to Dr. Brody, “In addition to earning a bit of extra spending money, kids who participate in the Halloween candy buy back program will also be helping others.” All of the candy brought in during the event will be distributed to those in need of a little extra cheer during the upcoming holiday season.

Parents and children who would like to participate in Dr. Brody’s Halloween candy buy back program may do so by bringing their extra trick-or-treat candy to Castle Rock Family Dental during regular business hours the week after Halloween. Those with questions about the event and those currently seeking a Castle Rock dentist to serve their general dentisty and cosmetic dentistry needs are encouraged the call Castle Rock Family Dental‘s office at 303-688-2229.


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