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( — October 27, 2014) Bridgetown, St. Michael — Barbados – new blog review of Exciting new offer for Barbados Holidays for independent travelers. The blog reveals how the new Barbados Holiday package delivers travelers astounding value and the freedom to be really independent and do their own thing at their own time. It shows what that means in terms of a holiday experience for the discerning traveler.


Independent Holidays are catching on especially with the new millennial travelers who are ardent independents. It is the focus of the new TI magazine featuring the luxury villa on the west coast of Barbados at Settlers Beach, the premier villa hotel in the island. The review provides an in-depth overview of the holiday package. It describes the unique benefits of the package, the spacious accommodation and it shows how Barbados Independent Holidays can produce a truly personal experience that is unique to each traveler.


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A Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia (BTE) spokesperson says there are many people looking for a truly unique experience on a Caribbean Holiday and the typical all-inclusive resort or hotel experience is not measuring up to the need to be individual. Shelly Burke, of the BTE adds, is a lot of buzz around the benefits of the lifestyle vacations for independent travelers, including health and experience for body, mind and soul, and of holidays off the beaten path.”Having a private villa with lots of space for an entire family to hideout or mingle together is a real plus on a family holiday. It is also prized by couples and singles who appreciate the freedom associated with space and comfort. 


Staying in self-catering accommodation also encourages guests to get out, explore the markets, buy fresh local foods and mingle.This review gives an objective analysis of how well Barbados Independent Holidays actually delivers on their promise. It offers some insights into whether it might be a good alternative and who it will be best suited for at its current price. 


Starting with an Offer of 55% discount to magazine readers, the package is off to a flying start.
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