New Kitchen Company, Chef Proven, Launches

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( — October 31, 2014) Scottsdale, AZ – Chef Proven, one of the newest companies to enter the competitive world of kitchen products, is gaining loyal followers fast. In a market where huge names with nearly unlimited buying power have reigned for decades, it is refreshing to see a small brand making waves. Founded by a family passionate about cooking, Chef Proven makes sure all of its products are exactly that, tested and proven best of quality by a panel of professional chefs. The company’s first product to appear on Amazon, a zester grater tool, is already receiving rave reviews.  

Knowing how competitive the market is, the founders of Chef Proven knew they had to do something different in order to stand out. Among the numerous factors that keep customers coming back for more, the company seeks to offer top-of-the-line kitchen essentials at reasonable prices, citing that the reason they are able to do so is by not charging their customers for the brand name.

“So many ‘prestigious’ kitchen companies out there are selling the exact same products as your big box stores, but because of their brand, people will pay upwards of five times as much for it,” says one of Chef Proven’s co-founders.

Chef Proven is different than both of these options; they aren’t a huge company with a highly recognizable brand and they aren’t simply sourcing the cheapest option out there. What makes them unique is that they are creating the best product possible, but aren’t charging the customer for a logo.

And now, as they make their first official appearance on mega-retailer Amazon, thousands more are about to find out why Chef Proven is likely to become a player in the kitchen world – just in time for the holidays.

After ordering from Chef Proven, customers find out that this special little company is more than just great products; they are also extremely customer oriented, making the entire shopping experience from ordering to delivery to questions in the kitchen, as enjoyable as making a cake and eating it too.

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