Recently Released USB Wall Charger Helping to Retrofit Old Houses

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( — November 4, 2014) Altoona, PA — Living in an old house may be desirable to some persons due to sentimental or architectural attachments. However, there are often shortfalls where technology is concerned, with some old houses having to be retrofitted with modern amenities in order to make them habitable.


Having adequate and reliable electrical connections for operating and charging devices is one such shortfall that owners of old homes may have to contend with and which can work out to be expensive in trying to modernize them. This is why many persons have been turning to innovative devices such as multipor USB wall chargers in order to keep such costs down but at the same time managing to benefit from the latest-in-technology gadgets. One such device is the Everyday Practical 6 port USB wall charger which uses one electrical outlet while providing ports for charging up to 6 USB devices simultaneously.


“This is a fantastic charger. I live in an older house and there are very few outlets so this makes it convenient to plug in several of my devices in one place,” said Paul in a verified Amazon review of the product.


“Everything we touch seems to need a USB charger. And there are only so many plugins in an antique house,” added Sarah Ann, “This charger came along at the perfect moment (I don’t have to rent the kids out now, LoL).”


These and other comments point out the predicament that many owners of some old homes are faced with. This is because such homes were made when there were not that many gadgets to contend with and it was mainly adults who operated appliances. Today, there are numerous devices to be found in most households including smartphones, game controllers, tablets, laptops and a host of other accessories and devices. On top of that, both kids and adults own gadgets nowadays, most of which are made with USB connections for charging and data transfer. Having a suitable multiport USB wall charger, therefore, is seen as a quick and easy way to retrofit many of these older homes to accommodate the latest devices, while freeing up other electrical outlets that may be needed for non-USB equipment.


The 6 port USB wall charger from Everyday Practical, apart from helping to retrofit old homes, is also considered to be quite versatile in that it can charge any USB device, including Apple and Android products. It is currently available to online shoppers via Amazon and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


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