FocusPower’s Brain Memory Product Decreases Incidences of Cognitive Decline

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( — November 5, 2014) Saint Charles, MO — Playing brain games, exercising, eating healthy, reading and keeping active, are among the remedies highly recommended for keeping the brain sharp, and to avert memory loss. One company, Organix Labs, took it a step further by manufacturing an all-natural supplement that delivers results fast with no side effects.

FocusPower, supplies the brain supplement memory product from Organix Labs. Judging from the product information and customer reviews, the supplement is chock full with brain enriching ingredients, with each known for a specific function. Chief among these ingredients are, Ginkgo Biloba – which improves blood circulation to the brain; Phosphatidylserine Complex (PS) – improves the ability to remember numbers, faces and names, and St. John’s Wort – which supports emotional health and promotes a positive mood.

Its’ antioxidant content also comes in for high recognition from both the company and its customers. Among its many health benefits, antioxidants help to improve one’s level of stress tolerance and learning capacity, therefore contributing to improved brain function. Due to its robust defensive action when protecting the brain from the bad guys, free radicals, the writer of an article that appeared on CNN offered that it makes sense to refer to antioxidants as the as the body’s very own James Bond.

FocusPower’s brain supplement memory product is designed to, “boost memory, concentration, alertness, focus and mental clarity in both adults and students!” Customer feedback indicates that the company has met the needs of their target audience.


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