Soccer Mothers Over The Moon With Freddie And Sebbie Star Accessory

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With the Soccer period well under way, soccer mothers would seem much calmer now thanks to a product specifically created for them by Freddie and Sebbie to prevent their front auto seat backs from getting damaged and dirty by little booted feet, while going home after soccer matches and training sessions.



The Freddie and Sebbie Kick Mats are labelled as being youngster friendly, and claim to keep mucky spots, spills and scuff marks off vehicle seats completely. The Freddie and Sebbie Kick Mats are specifically sold on Amazon, having over 600 client testimonials, from whom 418 customers have provided a 5 star score. Among the hundreds of favorable reviews, loads are from soccer moms showing their appreciation for helping the dirty seat issue in question.


One soccer mommy states… “We so love these mats! We had actually recently purchased a minivan and the children were getting the backs of the seats muddy as they climbed onto their auto seats after soccer training. No longer! I should say that I was a bit worried that they may not fit the minivan seats but they did! Such a terrific purchase that will certainly help keep our brand-new seats brand-new for longer.” Another mom consumer says… “What a fantastic product. I have nieces and nephews who are in that car seat and kicking age, and I just recently bought the Freddie and Sebbie Kick mats. During summertime soccer camp, I had the task of picking them up on a day-to-day basis, and am I pleased I had those Kick Mats installed. With 6 mucky boots swinging in the back, it could have been an actually untidy catastrophe, but the mats did a terrific job of protecting the front seat backs, so I was delighted with my investment, and still am!”


Company spokesperson Mr Neil Speight, and papa of 4 states… “The Kick Mats have without a doubt become our star product. I can see why with my first hand experience of taking children back home after a soccer match, when getting them to change shoes prior to entering the car can be a little bit of an ordeal, particularly as I was constantly in a rush and stressed. The Kick Mats have not only had the ability to get rid of the agony of the going house situation, however have also served to keep the car seat back looking like brand-new. I did try saying to the kids that the auto seat was not round and made of rubber, however they just seem to get into kicking mode, and it is so hard to regulate, however anyhow, thanks to the Kick Mats it’s no longer a trouble for me.”


Neil also wished to express his appreciation to all the soccer mommies that have written in thanking Freddie and Sebbie for what the Kick Mats have meant to changing their lives on the home-wood bound journey after a soccer match.


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