Dr. Yi-Tsu Cheng Is The Best Root Canal Dentist In Atlanta, GA

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(Newswire.net — November 6, 2014) Chamblee, GA — 

It is announced that Dr. Yi-Tsu Cheng of Chamblee Dentistry is chosen the top 10 dentists all over Georgia by the National Academy of Dental Professionals. Dr. Yi-Tsu Cheng specializes in dental implants and root canal treatments. In other news, Chamblee Dentistry is offering an affordable X-ray and examination fee for only $50 and $200 discount on dental implants.

The practice of Dr. Yi-Tsu Cheng and her associates at Chamblee Dentistry is committed to enhancing and restoring the patient’s natural smiling beauty. It is the goal of these dentists to make the dental experience as calm as possible and offer patients with a brighter and healthier smile.

Dr. Yi-Tsu Cheng and her associates have been servicing the greater Atlanta Metro for more 24 years now. Their dental clinic is intended to make patients feel comfortable and welcome, with a blend of high-tech dental care system and caring staff.

Throughout the first consultation, Dr. Yi-Tsu Cheng will review every concern of patients concerning the smile, carry out a thorough examination of mouth and teeth, and make use of the most modern dental technology in order to find out about the overall oral health. From these details, Dr. Yi-Tsu Cheng will be able to offer patients with every dental care solutions in order to patients to bring back that radiant smile.

It is the main concern of Dr. Yi-Tsu Cheng and associates that patients will be comfortable throughout the procedure. Dr. Yi-Tsu Cheng only makes use of the most modern dental care technology and tools in order to create a cosmetic makeover or restoration, in addition to making the visit of patients as comfy as possible and lessen the amount of dental procedure time. The staff and dentists of Chamblee Dentistry are highly experienced and trained. In addition, they are continuously enrolled in dental programs in order to maintain their education on oral health. With more than 24 years of experience servicing patients in Atlanta, patients are assured that Dr. Yi-Tsu Cheng and associates will make appropriate decisions with regard to the overall oral and dental care and health.

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Yi-Tsu Cheng, D.D.S. has been serving the Atlanta Metro area since 1990. Their office is designed to make you feel welcome and comfortable from start to finish, with a combination of caring staff and state of the art dental care technology.

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