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( — November 6, 2014) — Boston, MA – Short days and long evenings by the fire have arrived.  Or, in other words, the holiday season is here.  And for those who love to bake, the cold days ahead create the perfect setting.  Julie Schoen, author of A Slice Of American History (Little Pearl Publishing), happens to be one of those people.  Her special affection for cakes is showcased in her mouthwatering cookbook, which is available at no cost today through November 10th on


Baking, in particular the baking of cakes, has been an American institution for centuries, bringing people together in times of celebration and cheer.  A Slice Of American History indulgently traces the history of this tradition, creating an edible timeline packed with the best, most iconic, cake recipes this country has to offer.


Despite their classic nature and centuries-old origins, the cakes in Schoen’s book are accessible and updated for modern bakers, which means readers can enjoy historical treats in contemporary fashion.  And while some of the cakes are old favorites, well known by most Americans (Bundt, Devil’s Food, Pound), there are several hidden gems that, although maybe presently unknown, will soon become brand new favorites (Smith Island Cake, Mille Crepes, Minnehaha).


Schoen’s obvious love for cake is contagious, making it difficult to resist jumping into action and baking the first cake the book is opened to.  The beautiful pictures accompanied with the majority of the recipes add to the overall appeal and the family pictures and clever ideas provided at the end of the book give the reader the feeling that they have just stepped into a secret club filled with beautiful cake-loving people.  And, thumbing through the recipes, there is a good chance of learning some American history as well, tidbits of information layered between the recipes orient the reader, exciting them about the recipe and providing a great conversation starter for whoever is lucky enough to snag a slice.


A Slice of American History is also available in a print edition for  $8.09.  The digital download, however, is being offered completely free until Monday, November 10th.  Don’t miss out on the best cake cookbook of the season!





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