Vivant Organics Provides Pure Ivory Shea Butter Online for Organic Consumers

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( — November 6, 2014) Beaverton, OR — Today, more and more consumers are looking for healthier alternatives in order to have a healthier lifestyle. Organic products are in demand now more than ever because people are more aware of the health risks of some chemicals and the negative reactions they can have on the body.


With the recent launch of their pure shea butter on Amazon, Vivant Organics has sought to meet consumers at their point of need for purely organic products to use on their bodies. This shea butter is said to be the Grade A quality which possesses high potency of chemicals that heal and protect the skin and hair.


Vivant Organics’ pure ivory shea butter is said to include high levels of these vitamins since it is not processed with chemicals. Vivant Organics has ensured that their shea butteris smooth and not grainy by removing all the nutshell debris through a filtering process.


The smoothness of this shea butter allows peoplewith sensitive skin to use the product without irritation or reaction on their skin. Vivant Organics’ pure shea butter includes high levels of Vitamins A, E and F which are key vitamins that promotes healthy hair and skin. Persons with dry skin, eczema, dry brittle hair and stretch marks should find this pure shea butter beneficial. These properties are said to also assist with removing wrinkles and leaving the skin looking young and vibrant.


The ivory shea butter is said to absorb easily into the skin for quick relief from dryness, inflammations and so on. Packaged at 16 ounces per container, consumers have a lot of shea butter to last for quite some time. Vivant Organics has declared a commitment to serving all consumers with the best organic products to suit their various needs. By providing their pure shea butter on Amazon, the company has already proven their firm commitment to their potential customers.


Vivant Organic is offering all customers $3.50 off their Pure Shea Butter Organic on with coupon code – FG9578UC. Visit the link below to redeem.



About Vivant Organics

Vivant Organics is the maker of quality, all natural pure shea butter that is suitable for dry skin, razor burns, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, for baby’s skin and dry brittle hair. The company is dedicated to provide health and beauty products that are found in nature, or are naturally derived from living organisms and chemical free and bring total satisfaction.

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