“Smart” Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller Wins PC Mag’s Editor’s Choice Award!

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(Newswire.net — November 10, 2014) Lehi, Utah — In today’s technology-controlled world of smart homes, there are internet-based remote control systems for thermostats, home security cameras, porch lights, and garage doors. So why not create a Wi-Fi controlled sprinkler system as well? Skydrop, a Utah based company, has done exactly that, and right out of the gate they are winning awards with their high-tech and easy to use Wi-Fi sprinkler controller.

PC Mag, the leading site for all things high-tech, just awarded Skydrop an Editor’s Choice Award for creating a Wi-Fi sprinkler controller that is technologically advanced, easy to use and could cut water usage up to 50%! John Delaney, Contributing Editor for PC Mag, said this of Skydrop,

“[The] Skydrop Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller is one of those connected home products that makes life easier while saving you money. Having the ability to remotely control and monitor your sprinkler system is a win for homeowners who aren’t always around to make sure their lawn is being properly watered, but the potential for significant water conservation is the best reason to consider replacing your existing controller with the Skydrop, and is partly why it earns our Editors’ Choice for connected sprinkler controllers.”

Bret Cloward, CEO of Skydrop, couldn’t be more appreciative of the recognition,

“The Skydrop team is amazing! We knew all along we’d created an outstanding and easy-to-use product that saves time, money and water. But it’s something special when a reputable publication like PC Mag recognizes it too.”

Skydrop is simple to install and easy to access through mobile app, home computer or on the unit itself. Users answer specific questions about water restrictions, soil conditions, and geographic location, as well as the type of vegetation each station is watering (grass, shrubs, trees, etc.). Users also enter information about sprinkler types, and the shade and slope of the area being watered. Once the data is entered, Skydrop’s system couples this information with real-time weather data, and creates an individualized “smart” watering plan that adapts to rain amounts, temperature fluctuations and humidity changes.

The bottom line is that the Skydrop Wi-Fi sprinkler controller is more than just another cool gadget. Skydrop is a clever piece of smart tech that takes the guess work out of keeping lawns green, vegetation healthy and significantly reduces water consumption. It’s obvious why PC Mag recognized them with an Editor’s Choice award, Skydrop is the kind of innovation that can benefit us all.


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