Specialized Resource Group Discusses Signs of Marital Infidelity

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(Newswire.net — November 10, 2014) Huntington Beach, CA — It is easy to ignore the signs of marital infidelity. Most people would rather ignore unfaithful behavior rather than confront the reality of cheating, but the fact is that there are usually signs that an affair is taking place. Specialized Resource Group, a Los Angeles private investigation firm, offers clients a list of behaviors that sometimes indicate infidelity. While these signs are not guarantees that an affair is taking place, if more than two of them occur at the same time it should be considered something to investigate.

SRG advises clients to watch out for secretive behavior in general. When a formerly open spouse begins to become angry or defensive when questioned about work, travel or free time activities, it is often a sign that the spouse is trying to cover something up. Further, new phones, email accounts or bank accounts are often a sign of extramarital activity. Cheating spouses will often be unavailable for long periods of time and, even if they have plausible explanations for their absence, will be unable to verify their whereabouts. Finally, large amounts of cash disappearing without explanation may indicate a spouse that is forming an exit plan.
These and other signs of marital infidelity may be best investigated by a private investigator in Los Angeles as seen at http://www.srg-pi.com/Private-Investigator-Los-Angeles.php. Specialized Resource Group can offer the services of a professional Orange County private investigator as seen at http://www.srg-pi.com/Orange-County-Private-Investigator.php to help spouses determine if an affair is ongoing. For help with legal surveillance and other investigative methods, contact SRG. The company can provide the assistance of a professional Los Angeles private investigator as seen at http://www.srg-pi.com/personal-surveillance.php to help spouses learn the truth about their partners.
About SRG: Specialized Resource Group is a professional investigation and personal security firm located in southern California but working throughout the state and the world. With years of combined experience in security and investigations, SRG employees provide courteous and effective service to their clients.
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