TrekaCam Launches New TrekaHero GoPro Carrying Case

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( — November 16, 2014) Brownsville, TX — Ideal for travel and home storage purposes, the carrying case comes with appropriately shaped compartments to hold the camera and all the accessories that are used with GoPros. These include camera housing, housing backdoors, SD memory card, battery, power plug, remote control, battery pack and LCD.


The compartments are made of high quality foam and the case itself comes outfitted with high grade zippers and leather pulls. On top of that, the inside lid of the GoPro carrying case is fully enclosed with soft mesh which also has its own zipper to secure cables and any other small accessories that may be used with the camera. All of these features combine to ensure that owners of GoPro cameras have quick and easy access to the device and relevant accessories while keeping them all safe.


“Nice simple case, exactly what I needed,” said Sharon in her verified Amazon review, “The zipper compartment on the lid is a big plus. The one I had before did no zip and stuff fell out. Very lightweight, good padding – great protection for the GoPro.”


There are many similar comments about the TrekaCam TrekaHero GoPro carrying case which seem to point to a general satisfaction level among users. With GoPro cameras growing in popularity, it is expected that more people could turn to this carrying case in order to protect their cameras.


The makers of the TrekaCam GoPro carrying case, in addition to assuring GoPro users that their case is made of the highest quality and most durable materials, has backed up the product with a full lifetime warranty. All cases are also shipped with a Carabiner which makes them easier to carry around.

About GoPro

TrekaCam GoPro Carrying Case is made with perfectly shaped compartments for GoPro® HD HERO 960 & HERO®1/2/3/3+ camera and essential accessories. The product is ideal for travel or home storage and is the only GoPro® Hero Case backed by a lifetime no-hassle guarantee.


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