Galley Essentials’ Silicone Baking Cups Featured In Christmas Preparation Holiday Gifts

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( — November 15, 2014) San Francisco, CA — Galley Essentials’ Silicone Baking Cups have been chosen as a feature in the annual Holiday Gift Guide published by the homeschooling and homemaking blog 3 Boys and A Dog.  On their website they feature the silicone baking cups as part of their Christmas Preparation Holiday Gift Guide. They promote the product as a great gift for the holidays because they’re nonstick and reusable.  During the holidays when the chefs among us are baking for family and friends, a lot of money gets spent on disposable items that don’t need to be disposable like paper baking cups and disposable plates.

Galley Essentials’ Silicone Baking Cups remove the need for muffin baking trays in the oven. Muffins and cupcakes tend to stick to these trays whereas the silicone baking cups are said to have a non-stick surface that allows for the cupcakes being removed from them in one piece and simpler clean up. The silicone baking cups are made from BPA free, food grade silicone and are heat resistant in temperatures of up to four hundred and forty-six degrees Fahrenheit. Conversely, they are said to withstand temperatures as low as negative forty degrees Fahrenheit. This may be useful for people who would want to use the cups for making individual no bake cheesecakes who would need to refrigerate them.  They are also labeled as microwave and dishwasher safe.


The gift guide produced by 3 Boys and a Dog is aimed at the blog’s target demographic of mothers and features many other items that a mother with a young child or homemaker would be interested in buying or receiving as a gift thus making it a poignant placement for the company.


A spokesperson from Galley Essentials had this to say about the feature, “We’re very excited to be featured in the gift guide and have our product recognized for its eco-friendly and economical nature. We’re hoping this holiday season people change from paper cups to our silicone cups. It’s important to us to have an environmentally responsible holiday season and save as much money as possible.”


Check out the feature in 3 Boys and a Dog’s Holiday Guide by visiting and to grab Galley Essentials’ Silicone Baking Cups as a gift this holiday you can find them on Amazon where they can be purchased at a discounted price with the coupon found in the feature.


Galley Essentials offers $2.75 off each item from their new customers. You can use the promo code GECUPS25 and find this product at:


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