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( — November 17, 2014) Perth, Western Australia — Advances in new technologies are happening so rapidly and across so many areas of business it is now becoming harder and harder to keep up. Online advertising is one of those areas that is undergoing a rapid transformation. With the cloud based services making it easier for companies to store and analyze big data, cutting edge technologies such as Programmatic Buying and Real-Time Bidding are disrupting the marketplace. For Australian businesses that are not able to keep up, this could spell disaster as international brands are now using online technologies to enter the Australian marketplace.

Rafe Roberts, founder of one of Perth’s longest running web and software firms has just launched a new marketing agency, Profit Cloud, aimed and leveling the playing field in the use of big data in online advertising.

Even small businesses now have the opportunity to access this game changing technology that is normally only available to big corporations due to the high minimum ad spend requirements.


The team at Profit Cloud are helping businesses of all sizes across Australia gain a competitive advantage by creating highly targeted online audiences that match the demographics and online behavior of their most profitable customers. Through the Profit Cloud Real-Time Bidding advertising platform, a business can match their own first party data with third party data from Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Master-Card and Oracle then advertise to that specific audience.

You may have already experienced this type of Programmatic Advertising and not noticed it. The biggest companies around the world have been building large data profiles of every user that visits their websites. The data profiles are anonymized so they do not know your name or contact details but they do know what your online behavior is, the brands and products you like, even demographics like age, income range and city you live in. They then sell this information to advertisers to enable them to create highly targeted audiences.


While being able to target an audience by their favorite brand of peanut butter or shampoo may sound creepy to most, Profit Cloud are enabling businesses of any size to use this data to generate profitable sales ready leads for their business.

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