New Women’s Gardening Gloves Launch On Despite The Winter Season

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( — November 19, 2014) Sanford, FL — Monika’s Marketplace launches new women’s gardening gloves on just in time for the holidays. 


Despite the fact that the winter season is not exactly the best time for gardening, Monika’s Marketplace has launched their women’s gardening gloves in preparation for upcoming holiday season.


Gardening is something that is enjoyed by many. There are so many types of gardening from flower gardening, vegetable gardening and more. But the one thing that may deter people from gardening is that you actually have to dig in the dirt and may get your hands dirty.


Monika’s Marketplace has solved this problem with their new lightweight women’s gardening gloves.


This set comes with three different, and unique designs so you can vary your “look” while gardening. Each glove is made with breathable material so hands don’t sweat while they are inside the gloves. The gloves also have a nitrile coated palm to protect from thorns and block water. They have a comfortable elastic wrist band to keep the gloves from slipping off.


Despite the fact that these gloves have launched in the winter season when it is cold and snowing in many areas, the intention was to ensure they were available for the holiday, as they make a great Christmas gift for the avid gardener.


With the short amount of time they’ve been available on, these gloves have already received many rave reviews.

“I LOVE these gloves. The designs are so cute and they perfectly fit my hands. I also use them for cleaning as well” said Jennifer a satisfied customer. 


The gardening season is in the spring, therefore, buying these gloves as a gift would be a great present for women gardeners to prepare for the upcoming season.


“Yes, we do realize this is an odd time of the year to launch our gardening gloves, but we wanted them to be available for Christmas.


These make a great gift for women who love to garden – moms, sisters, friends and more.” says Monika, from Monika’s Marketplace.

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