Cathy Duffy: ‘In Freedom’s Cause’ A Top-Notch Way To Teach Homeschoolers History

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( — November 20, 2014) — Homeschooling and curriculum expert Cathy Duffy is calling two new audio movie projects from Heirloom Audio Productions “top-notch, audio theater experiences” that provide students “an entertaining way to learn some history.”

The latest release from Heirloom Audio, In Freedom’s Cause, recounts the true story of Scottish hero William Wallace (1270-1305), while the first project, Under Drake’s Flag, told the true story of English hero Sir Francis Drake (c. 1540-1596).

Both are based on books by G.A. Henty, an author who is popular among the homeschool crowd, Duffy said.

“While other publishers have created outstanding audio recordings, both abridged and unabridged, the new presentations from Heirloom Audio are really something special,” Duffy wrote. “The script writers, the sound engineer, the actors, the creator of the musical score, and others involved in making these productions have been involved in major, critically-acclaimed productions, and their expertise shows! These are really top-notch, audio theater experiences as well as an entertaining way to learn some history.”

In Freedom’s Cause spotlights the Christian faith of Wallace in a way that modern-day renditions such as Braveheart do not. Wallace is remembered for helping set Scotland free.

“[Wallace is] portrayed in this presentation as a man of extraordinary virtue: bravery, perseverance, loyalty, and unwavering confidence in God,” Duffy wrote. “Even at his horrific execution, he stays faithful, inspiring others to pick up the cause. William Wallace’s Psalter, held dear by Wallace himself, becomes symbolic through the story as it is eventually presented to Robert the Bruce as the real source of strength. In Freedom’s Cause teaches strong Christian faith but without any denominational position.”

Drake was the first Englishman to circle the globe, and he played a key role in the defeat of the Spanish Armada. 

Heirloom Audio founder Bill Heid said the projects have a specific faith-based goal.

“Everything in our world is sort of sterilized and secularized, and the faith of the men has been taken out of textbooks in America and around the world,” Heid said. “These projects are all about putting Christ back into history.”

For Heid, the projects have another purpose: to give children real heroes and to awaken their imaginations, and also to teach history through a fun and entertaining medium. 

“We use the word ‘hero’ loosely, but a real hero isn’t somebody who can dunk a basketball or somebody who can recite a few lines in front of a camera or even somebody who can sing a high note,” Heid said. 

History is full of stories of true heroes — men and women who “risked it all and gave their lives for a cause greater than themselves.  These were heroes who showed us what faith, courage and commitment really mean, heroes who – though they were flawed – made the right decisions when the day came,” Heid said.

In Freedom’s Cause features Joanne Froggatt (Anna Bates of Downton Abbey), Billy Boyd (Pippin of Lord Of The Rings), Skandar Keynes (Edmund of The Chronicles of Narnia series) and James Cosmo (Campbell, Father Christmas of Braveheart and Chronicles of Narnia, respectively), as well as a score by composer John Campbell (Lamplighter Theatre, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, Adventures in Odyssey).

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