Doll With Real-Life Proportions, Cellulite and Acne, On Sale Next to a Barbie

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( — November 21, 2014)  — Creating the image of a “normal” 19 year old woman with real proportions, with cellulite, not so glamorous hair, with the possibility for adding a plaster cast, freckles, acne, scars and temporary tattoos, ‘anti-Barby’ doll named Lammily has gone on sale.

Rather than the overly idealized and clearly underweight Barbie doll, who becomes a synonym for looks over IQ, Lammily is simple and unique. The idea behind this doll is reflection of an average real life 19-year-old girl that give different roll model in its hyperrealism look and functionality.     

Lammily could wear a glasses, could have acne and tattoos, scars and plaster casts. She can get stretch marks, mosquito bites and dirt stains.

Lammily gets her name after creator Nickolay Lamm who tried to bypass a gap between artificial and real fife look of the dolls by making a prototype with average body proportions using data from the Centre for Disease Control and placed it next to a Barbie doll.

Barbie’s proportions has been heavily criticized as she would weigh around 110lbs as a real human – meaning a BMI of 16.24 which falls under the “anorexic” category. Lamm found that instead 32-31-33 which are the proportions of average girl, Barbie has 36-18-33.

He took the 32-31-33 prototype for testing into an public school and showed to a 2nd graders. The kids remarked that the doll is pretty and that reminds them on their sisters or aunts.

 “She’s really unique, ‘cause I don’t have other dolls like this – it looks real,” one kid said.

The kids often describe Barby’s job as a fashion model, however, when the kids are asked to name the jobs that Lammily doll would have, they went from spanning swimmer, to teacher, to “a computer job” or a pilot.

Different understanding of capabilities according a look is not accidental; however, has a deep root in modern society and the culture which input that every Barbie needs a Ken.  

A recent Barbie-related “I Can Be a Computer Engineer” book was heavily criticized as it appeared that Barbie could not be a very good computer engineer without the help of a man, according to the books creators.

“Great for lighting fires during power outages,” because of how ‘inflammatory’ it was deemed, read a one-star review of the book.

Because Lammily doll represent a strong independent woman, its creator never doubt in her success.