All-Natural Soap-Free Dog Shampoo and Conditioner Now a Favorite Among Dog Owners

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( — November 23, 2014) Higley, AZ — Finally! A company has produced a product that dog owners consider an answer to their needs, and that of their dogs. The all-natural dog shampoo and conditioner from BVH Pet Care has calmed the frustration many felt after constantly changing brands, only to gain the same results – an allergic reaction from their pets.


Carol Bryant advises fellow pet owners that the rule of thumb for selecting dog shampoos is, “If you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t be lathering Fido in it.” The ingredient phytosphingosine was recently cited as the cause of a woman’s death after it triggered an asthma attack while she was bathing her dog. It was reported that a family member of the deceased also had an less serious attack a few days later after using the same shampoo, the Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo.


The ingredients in BVH Pet Care’s dog shampoos and conditioner are developed from all-natural, pet-friendly ingredients, namely, coconut oil, brown kelp, aloe extract and citrus fruit extracts. In their Amazon product write up, the company was careful to point out that their dog shampoo is, “Soap-free and dye-free…” They further maintain that, “…it contains no tea tree oil, no MEA or DEA, no sulfate, no parabens and no preservatives. Plus, it’s made in the USA!”


Amazon shoppers who have used the dog shampoo have embraced the product, expressing their satisfaction that it has put an end to their frustration of seeing their dogs scratching themselves after a bath. Dogs develop an allergic reaction to the harsh chemicals that should not be used in a pet product in the first place. Some ingredients are so harsh that they slowly poison the dog.


Dog owners and other interest who would like to find out more about BVH Pet Care’s dog shampoo and conditioner are invited to so by clicking through to their Amazon product page at


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