R.C. Optimum Launches Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle for Travellers

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(Newswire.net — November 22, 2014) Elwood , Elwood — During the hottest times of the summer, people like to travel with cold beverages and be able to have them remain cold for as long as possible and during winter periods, especially since the famous Liebeck versus McDonald’s Restaurants case 20 years ago, more people have been choosing to travel with their own hot beverages and have them remain hot.  The availability of a high quality insulated stainless steel bottle designed by R.C. Optimum provides the security consumers look for in a travel thermos.  


The advanced insulation in R.C. Optimum’s thermos stainless steel allows users to use the same thermos for hot or cold beverages for up to 18 hours at any time.  The insulated water bottle holds up to 1 liter of water, coffee, tea, soups, juice, and types of beverages and features a tight vacuum seal that eliminates spills while travelling.  The bottles were designed with a wide mouth to accommodate ice cubes, small foods in soup, and easy access for cleaning. 


Despite the wide spout, the thermos includes a push valve that eliminates the need for unscrewing the inner part of the cover for each use.  R.C. Optimum purports that the featured push button valve makes pouring easy and spilling less likely.  In addition, the leak-proof thermos features an insulated cover cap that can be used as a cup.


The bottles were specifically made with stainless steel to ensure that beverages are safe for consumption after being stored for hours. 

According to Robyn Coventry, product maker, “R.C. Optimum Stainless Steel Bottles are practicable for any type of traveller; it is perfect for babies, coffee lovers, children going to school, or for taking along to work.”


With the launch of this stainless steel thermos, people can travel with their own hot beverages in a securely insulated thermos to prevent any incident of scalding or burning as was in the case of 79-year-old Stella Liebeck in 1994 with a cup of McDonald’s coffee.

R.C. Optimum is offering all new customers $4.99 off their purchase of stainless steel thermos with coupon code MVNZWGXK by visiting the link below.



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R.C. Optimum products are made with top quality materials with a focus on high standards. The company provides top-notch quality and durability in its products for maximum customer satisfaction. The premium quality design of Stainless Steel Thermos lasts much longer than other imitations. The product is sold with a no hassle guarantee.