Bensie Boy’s Dog Poop Bags Bulk Combo to Assist Municipal Governments’ Dog Waste Issues

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( — November 25, 2014) Clyde, NC — Municipal governors have been seeking solutions to tackle the issue of dog poop throughout various cities across the nation. Since dog poop has been classified as highly toxic by the Environmental Protection Agency, providing dog poop bags in public areas have been considered by municipal governments as a way of alleviating the problem and encouraging proper disposal of dog poop. It is with this in mind that Bensie Boy Online launched their dog poop bags with a poop bag dispenser; to offer assistance and a lucrative alternative for local governments to save money while tackling the problem.


Several governors have installed dog waste stations strategically in public parks and along the roadways to ensure that they are getting rid of their pet’s waste and not leaving it to become a nuisance to others and to the environment. These stations are dotted around city areas to essentially provide free dog poop bags for dog owners while they walk their dog. Bensie Boy has stepped in to assist the local governors by providing a dog poop bag dispenser with their dog poop bags.


The company offers a bulk dog poop bag that includes 720 bags on 36 rolls that can fit comfortably in the green colored t-bone-shaped dog poop bags bulk. The poop bag has a hook that allows dog owners to clip it on the leash or collar of the dog while they go walking.


The dog poop bags are stamped as durable due to their 12 micron thickness which makes them less likely to tear while removing them from the rolls. Bensie Boys also particularly designed the length of the dog poop bags at 32 inches by 22 inches to prevent dog poop from getting on the hands and clothes of the dog owners as they poop scoop. Providing these bulk poop bags with a lightweight dog poop bag dispenser, Bensie Boy allows dog owners to be prepared to clean up their pet’s waste as they travel in public places.


For the municipal governments, this combination of doggie accessories can cause less financial strain on them diminishing the need to install poop bag dispensers across cities. Some cities have started dog waste control programs and had to discontinue due to lack of funds for maintenance. With the availability of Bensie Boy’s dog poop bags and dog poop bag dispenser on the market, local governments can have faith in their promotion to rid the city of improper dog poop disposal.


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