[Op- Ed] Illegal Immigration Rides the Ebola Horse

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(Newswire.net — November 29, 2014) Haymarket, Virginia — At the same time, he has refused to close off access to our nation by those who live in or visit West African countries where there have been recent Ebola virus outbreaks.

With the blessings of the President, our southern border is open to unlimited illegal immigration and the Administration is secretly working behind the scenes to sprinkle these illegal immigrants across all fifty states. This makes it almost impossible to return the illegals to their native countries.

Refusing to close U.S. airports to air travelers who have been exposed to the Ebola disease, parallels the refusal to close our southern border to illegal immigrants and the diseases with which they may be infected. So if the Administration can regulate the access to the U.S. of one group, it should be able to regulate the access of other groups. This means that if the President can control the flow of possible Ebola infected people from West Africa, there is no reason why he can’t control the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico into the U.S.

Perhaps he is afraid that if he closes off access for those flying from West Africa, the American people will demand that he close off the southern border with Mexico. Of course, that is something he is determined never to do, in spite of the fact that some of those coming across our southern border may be carrying unknown diseases. Some of them may even be suicide bombers working for ISIS or al-Qaeda who intend to kill Americans in America.

Or, ISIS or al Qaeda could deliberately infect American speaking suicide bombers and arrange for them to legally travel to the U.S. by airliner or illegally bring them across our southern border. Then they could deliberately contaminate a local water supply or otherwise infect with the Ebola virus as many people as possible. In the meantime we can expect the President to continue flooding the U.S. with illegal immigrants.  

When a policy of huge historic proportions such as Obamacare or the closing of our borders to Ebola carriers is instituted, it should be first explained to the nation’s citizens. Then it should be openly debated with its advocates and opponents in the U.S. Congress presenting all sides of the debate. Finally, it should be either adopted or rejected. That examination has not yet happened with these possible Ebola carriers or southern border illegal immigrants.

Rather, a great effort has been made by the Administration to hide from the American people the fact that an open door policy has been adopted concerning Ebola and our southern border. This was done without debate or our citizens’ approval or disapproval. In fact, some Congressional leaders openly congratulated themselves for having helped the President deceive the American people. They even circumvented the Constitution and fundamentally changed American Civilization, without the American people’s or Congressional consent.

Of course the American people were forewarned that this would happen, that the President would try to bypass the Congress and implement an immigration policy based solely on executive privilege. A few years earlier these policies were adopted by the Administration and they signaled that the President, without debate and bipartisan support was going to adopt Obamacare. The Speaker of the House very cleverly said that since no one had read the Obamacare bill, let alone tried to explain it to the American public. Therefore, it had to be passed before anyone would know what exactly was in it.

Obamacare’s gross perversion of the constitution has set the stage for forcing unwanted and unneeded policy changes on the nation. If the Administration can bypass the American people and the Congress on something as important as Obamacare, then bypassing the adoption of an open door southern border policy is a small thing.

What is not obvious is that from the President’s point of view there is clearly a link between air travelers from West Africa flying into the U.S. and illegal immigrants crossing our southern border infected with Ebola or other diseases. This is complicated even more by the President’s flagrant exercising of executive privilege.

So, Obamacare, this huge, far reaching change in national health care policy was neither explained nor debated, but became law anyway. And this gross perversion set the stage for forcing other unwanted and unneeded policy changes on the nation, such as the illegal immigration policy. Considering the flood of illegal immigrants streaming across our southern border perhaps it would be more accurate to call it the Administration’s new colonization policy.


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