Portable Bike Lights Launched in Time for New York’s Citi Bike Expansion

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(Newswire.net — November 30, 2014) Sebastopol, CA — The October 2014 New York Citi Bike press conference revealed that more bikes will be provided for citizens to use around the city.  In addition, the council is seeking to improve the lanes provided around the city for cyclists.  Polly Trottenberg, Transport Commissioner, shared; “One of the big steps with Citi Bike in terms of safety and ease of use has been connecting wherever possible with protected bike lanes.”


Citi Bike stations are strategically dotted around the city to meet the transit needs of the general population.  The bikes provided by the city of New York are made available for 24 hours, all throughout the year to persons 16 year old and older.   According to Citi Bike New York website, “Each station has a touchscreen kiosk, a map of the service area and surrounding neighborhood, and a docking system that releases bikes for rental with a card or key.” 


The bikes which can be borrowed and returned to any station provide a viable option for travellers seeking to escape traffic jams in order to get from one point to the next.  The bikes are said to be rugged but easy to use and comfortable.  Although the bikes also feature front and rear lights, New Yorkers have the option to use their own LED easy-to-mount bike light set rechargeable for extra visibility and security.


BODHI’s LED frontal handlebar bike light is 1000 lumens at its brightest.  It is also able to cover a distance of up to 500 feet ahead and allow visibility by other motorists of up to 1500 feet away.  The ‘zoomable’ bike light features a wide zoom and a narrow zoom which makes it suitable for various types of roadways and paths.


The LED bike light set rechargeable by BODHI has been launched just in time to facilitate extra security for anyone that chooses to travel around New York City on a Citi Bike at night.  Product owner, Maria Nilsson, said, “It is always best to be safe while travelling alone at nights especially, so, to assure their security riders can travel with the reliable and detachable BODHI bike light.”


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BODHI Rechargeable LED Bike Light will stay visible to motorists up to 1500 ft. away, and will be able to see the road or path ahead for at least 500 ft. This is easy to attach and remove, and requires no tools. The product will fit any handlebar type – men’s, women’s and even children’s bikes. Each Amazon purchase is backed by a money back guarantee.

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