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( — November 30, 2014) Dallas, Texas — Archpoint is giving back to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area this holiday season by offering lower cost holiday dental implant specials.  Patients in need can get a new smile in time for Christmas and the New Year.  Archpoint Implant Dentistry of Dallas, Texas, a Leader in dental implant treatment, changes lives every day.  

Dr. Hadley Hall, co-founder of Archpoint, says, “We see people every day suffering with their teeth.   During the holiday season it is much more of a burden on folks dealing with missing or failing teeth.  Our goal is to help make treatment affordable so that patients can have that new smile and enjoy this time with their families.”
Archpoint Implant Dentistry is the brainchild of four premiere specialists in Dallas, Texas.  It is one of the only dental implant centers that boasts the expertise of two oral surgeons and two prosthodontists.  The specialists at Archpoint treat patients with missing teeth, failing teeth and those who are unhappy with their ill-fitting dentures.

Dr. Hall says, “Archpoint offers a lot of solutions to problems Texans have with their dental issues.  A good dental implant candidate is someone, anyone needing a single tooth to multiple implants to people who need a full arch reconstruction.”

Archpoint Implant Dentistry offers free consultations to patients in need and delivers dental implants and a beautiful new smile in a single appointment.  

Dr. Michael Oppedisano, Archpoint Implant Dentistry co-founder, says you have nothing to lose. “If you suffer from missing or failing teeth come in for a free consultation. We know we can help you and with our “holiday of giving” campaign, we intend to provide new smiles at a lower cost to as many people as we can. You have nothing to lose and you’ll leave here with a treatment plan that will change your life.”

Throughout the year, Archpoint Implant Dentistry helps Dallas patients eat again, socialize, and regain the lives they deserve.

Dr. Thomas Draper sees people every day who desperately need help.  “If you’re a patient on the fence just kind of deciding whether to pursue things now or you’re hesitant you’ve just got to come in and let us talk to you, and review what your options are,” he says.  Draper adds, “As soon as it’s done and you move forward, you’re going to say why didn’t I do this 3 years ago.”

In a survey of Archpoint patients, they overwhelmingly recommend the team at Archpoint.

Patient Kay says, “I had my procedure done around Thanksgiving.  It was so wonderful to enjoy the holidays without fear and pain.  The staff, the doctors everyone has actually become part of my family though the process.”

The doctors at Archpoint want people to remember that dental problems if left untreated will only get worse and more expensive.  Dr. Michelle Newby, Archpoint Prosthodontist says, “They owe it to themselves.  That is the most important part.  The longer they wait the harder it’s going to be for us to be able to help the person.”

You may contact Archpoint today to learn about holiday special offers for a beautiful new smile.  There are different specials available depending on the needs of different patients.  Those needing single or multiple dental implants or full mouth restorations are invited to contact Archpoint to find out more about their “holiday of giving.”  The doctors at Archpoint want to help.

About Archpoint Implant Dentistry

Archpoint Implant Dentistry was founded with one goal — to give patients the dental implant solutions they need without sacrificing personalized care. It’s how we operate differently, driven by the needs of our patients and not on meeting a monthly quota. That’s why we’re proud to be doctor-owned and doctor operated, supporting you from the moment you walk in. Archpoint specialists spend dedicated time with each of their patients. That’s more time for them to get to know you, more time for you to ask questions and more time to get comfortable with the procedure recommended for you. And it all starts the moment of your free consultation with our doctors.

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