Skin Ritual’s Organic Shea Butter is Featured in a Review at The Backwater Primer

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( — December 2, 2014) Irvine, CA — Organic Shea Butter by Skin Ritual is featured in a review of a blogger called The Backwater Primer as the best shea butter for skin problems.


The organic shea butter by Skin Ritual was reviewed by the blogger as another product. The blogger was given a free sample of the product in return for a review. The blogger writes everything under the sun may it be current events or some new stuff that everyone wants to try out or even reviews of products that were sent to her for free.


Organic Shea Butter by Skin Ritual is quoted by the blog as an exquisite product. Highly recommended by the blogger, Skin Ritual’s organic shea butter is ultra-moisturizing good for stretch marks, surgical scars and for dry skin specifically on rough elbows and hands and some abrasions that started to heal up much better after using several times.


Skin Ritual’s organic shea butter is touted by the blog as 100% pure and organic, being certified by Oregon Tilth, providing 24-hour moisturizing and being filled with vitamins and fatty acid that our skin needs. It revitalizes, moisturizes, and makes skin supple and healthy. Skin Ritual’s organic shea butter has a natural healing power with high content of essential fatty acids such as oleic, stearic, linoleic and palmitic acid and full of Vitamins A and E that helps in restoring skin’s natural healing power.


Skin Ritual’s team is beaming with pride at the review that they got from The Backwater Primer blogger, “We are grateful that we met what was expected of our product. We are proud that what we have claimed about our product was attested by a product reviewer that highly recommends it to her readers. We’re really happy that we sent her a sample for review and have given an honest review of our product. We do hope this will draw more customers to try our product and will help them in their skin problems.”


Visit The Backwater Primer to check out her review of Skin Ritual’s Organic Shea Butter. To avail of Organic Shea Butter by Skin Ritual this holiday season, please click link below:



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