Moms And Dads Told To Examine Safety Seats & To Know State Laws

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( — December 4, 2014) Las Vegas, NV — The Statesman Journal has recently revealed exactly what’s what for Auto safety seat laws in the state of Oregon, while suggesting that moms and dads in other states make certain they do in fact know exactly what the law is in their neck of the woods to prevent a family tragedy.



According to the applicable laws in Oregon, infants under 1 year or weighing less than 20 pounds ought to be put in an approved rear positioned car safety seat, though the official state spokesperson also included that the best practice is for parents to keep their infants rear-facing up until they outgrow their safety seat, with the same suggestions being provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

 Though the majority of American moms and dads think that the law for moving children to booster seats is at 4 years old, or when kids begin to weigh 40 pounds, however in Oregon, there is no longer a recommended age for the turn over, with the current laws just saying that children ought to be in a harness system till they weigh 40 lbs. However, there are a growing number of safety seat manufacturers, who are making harness systems which deal with greater weight restrictions. Families are still encouraged to continue moving their children to a booster seat once they reach the weight of 40 lbs, though need to always remember that when making the switch to a car seat, lap belts alone can not be made use of, so having a lap and shoulder belt for use with a car seat is a legal obligation.

 Finally kids up until 8 years old or the height of 4’9″ must always be put on a properly sized booster, with the weight requirement no longer staying in force. The state agent also discussed that law which implements the right use of seat belt systems might still override the safety seat laws, meaning that kids at any age, height, or weight, no matter booster or safety seat regulations, still need to be harnessed properly for moms and dads to avoid getting a possible citation.

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