Cherry Creek Athletic Club Celebrates 20 Years

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( — December 5, 2014) Denver, CO — Health & Wellness for the Millice family has secured a hold for the past 20 years at Cherry Creek Athletic Club. Ted Millice who developed many of Glendale’s commercial real estate projects bought the club in 1994. The Sporting Club of Cherry Creek (for a long time) was more of a social scene (and racquetball club) than a health club before Millice Group Ltd. transformed it.

What was the plan back then? Changes definitely needed to be made. For starters Millice Group Ltd. renovated many racquetball courts to open up space for capital improvements. He wanted to create a health and wellness club for the community. So, the focus was on group exercise and a whole health approach; along with new equipment and exercise areas. This created more utilization per square foot at CCAC.

Two pools were constructed outside, which are nearly always kept warm enough for iron-men, triathletes and recreational swimmer alike. The aquatics complex houses a leisure pool, Olympic sized pool and indoor lap pool. However, this was just the beginning of CCAC’s transformation.

Whole health means all areas needed to be addressed. To that end, Cardio, Weight training, Personal Training Aquatics, Racquetball, Group exercise, Mind/Body Studios, Pilates, the Kids Club, Basketball, the locker rooms and a day spa (along with nutritional help and a café in house) was all added and improved upon to create a full-service environment for members. This took physical as well as organizational improvements.

At over 100,000square feet CCAC has allowed for an opportunity for the whole family to embrace a healthy lifestyle. This truly came into play with the addition of the kids club. So, you can stop by for Pilates, a swim, or an exercise and the kids can be professionally cared for.

Clayton Millice Marketing Director at CCAC and the general manager Janet Fletcher are in management roles, along with a fantastic staff of employees who continue to build on what Millice Group Ltd. started. CCAC has grown its membership base nearly 40% over in the past 20 years and have relationships with many corporations to assist in their company wellness programs. This has led to their attrition being one and a half times LESS than discounted clubs in the area, and there retention holding very strong.  All because they believe in family and value.

There have been a few bumps in the road. Every year exercise fads arises and dozens of small wellness businesses push new trends, but staying on top of those trends and integrating them into CCAC’s space is always a must! It’s really all about what the community wants and that’s what the Millice’s have created with the Cherry Creek Athletic Club. A health & wellness community. It’s nearly a country club atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy.  And with their size, there is never any waiting to exercise, even during the busy morning and evening times.

Cherry Creek Athletic Club

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