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( — December 6, 2014) Mill Valley, CA — The skin requires care in order to maintain its natural vibrancy and glow. Inflora Botanica encourages customers to use organic products on the body and face to achieve healthy looking skin and address health and aesthetic concerns. Rosehip oil is a cold pressed oil derived from rosehip seeds that is used for do-it-yourself skin care routines. Inflora Botanica Rosehip oil Organic launched into the market via Amazon and has been receiving raving reviews by customers.

According to Inflora Botanica, their rosehip oil Organic is pressed from Rosa mosqueta rosehip seeds sourced in the U.S.A as well as the Chilean mountains. The organic rosehip seed oil comes with a treatment pump and is packaged in two sizes- a one ounce bottle and a 4 ounce bottle. The cold pressed rosehip oil is 100% certified pure and organic. As a result of being a totally organic skin and body care product, and having been used in these capacities for hundreds of years, the use of this oil is deemed safe and effective.

Consumers use the oil as an addition to their morning and evening skin regimes, as a potent moisturizer, to get rid of scars caused from acne or cuts, to restore the skin from sunburns, to remove wrinkles and lines in the face, to address stretch marks and much more.

One Amazon user, Muralgirl, proclaimed; “I also blended this oil with a few other anti-aging oils to apply in the mornings. My skin has become supple and very soft.” The customer also confessed; “I am 42 years old and this week when I wanted to enjoy a glass of wine, I was asked for my ID for the first time in ages,” giving credit to the rejuvenating power of Inflora Botanica’s rosehip oil organic.

Another customer writes“I’ve been rubbing it into my hands where I’ve had a recurring skin condition for quite a while, and the dry rash is now gone after very little time of using the product!” This rosehip oil is said to also help to reduce razor bump rashes and burns as JL, another user, expressed.

As a facial rejuvenation expert and natural health researcher, product owner Kate Barnes created a genuine rosehip oil organic beauty product that is known for its active healing and curative properties for the skin. The certified organic skin care product provided by Inflora Botanica was released to the market to provide consumers with organic alternatives to pharmaceuticals that they can use for their own skin care. Their efforts have been met with very happy customers who report very helpful results.

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About Inflora Botanica

Inflora Botanica was started in 2014 as a result of a need for simple, natural, and effective skincare options that were both affordable and accessible. It was important for the founder, Kate Barnes to provide education to and deliver results to her customers because people are now looking for a product that provides an outcome.

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