Local Veterinarian Offers Suggestions on How to Minimize Cat Shedding

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(Newswire.net — December 7, 2014) Honolulu, HI — “The reasons cat shed can vary. In general the amount of shedding is based on the general health of the cat, their age, diet, changing seasons and if they are an indoor or outdoor cat.” Said Dr. Mark Treasure, a local veterinarian.


According to Dr. Treasure, outlined below are three ways cat owners can minimize cat shedding.


1 – Proper Nutrition


Ensure that the cat has a healthy diet, one that is rich in vitamins and healthy fats, this will soften and moisturize your cat’s skin, which has proven to help minimize shedding. When buying cat food, look for specific brands of food that have extra healthy omega fats as an ingredient. Extra vitamins like salmon oil capsules can also be added to the cat’s diet.  If possible, change the cat’s diet to wet food rather than dry food. Dry food has a tendency to cause dry skin.


2 – Grooming your cat on a regular basis


Regular use of a deshedding tool is recommended. These tools work great to take off excess cat hair as well as hair from the cat’s undercoat. It is recommended to use the deshedding tool once per week, but if your cat enjoys it, it can be done on a daily basis for best results.


3 – Use a pet bed


Find a pet bed that the cat likes and put it in a place that he/she enjoys sleeping. This will minimize the amount of hair on your furniture and instead, keep it in a confined, specific area.


These three suggestions by Dr. Treasure, have proven to help minimize the amount of hair around the home, especially on couches and beds. From the suggested list, the quickest suggestion with the most noticeable results would be the use of the deshedding tool.


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“We all know that cats shed, and it is a problem for cat owners. We created our deshedding tool, to help minimize cat shedding as much as possible. In fact, our tool has proven to reduce shedding up to 90%!” says Rob, a representative of Woofurr.


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