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( — December 8, 2014) Las Vegas, NV — Worried American parents have been responsible for Freddie and Sebbie’s latest auto storage organizer, which has been specifically designed to satisfy their parenting needs. The Nevada based accessory business introduced their very first car storage organizer in 2013, which has already received an average 4.7 star score and almost 100 positive testimonials from their clients on Amazon.

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As popular as the first automobile storage seemed, it would appear that Amazon clients still required an improved item, according to a large number of testimonials that revealed to Freddie and Sebbie the requirement for a way to attach the initial automobile storage organizer on the front seat, or for it to become forward-facing. Company spokesman Neil Speight says that they could clearly see the logical requirement for having the organizer in reaching distance of a parent motorist while driving. He said… “The first automobile storage organizer was designed to be installed rear facing, whereby making it much easier for kids to get whatever toy they wanted to play with. The problem occurred, when parents with younger youngsters who couldn’t reach the organizer themselves, so making parents having to help them out while driving, which could well lead to an accident.”

Neil explained that sadly there was no way to adapt the backseat organizer into a front-seat one, so the company chose to make the required modifications to produce the Freddie and Sebbie front-seat automobile storage organizer, which is currently being introduced solely on Amazon. He explained… “We are proud to announce the launch of our latest storage organizer on Amazon, and really grateful to all our customers for mentioning such a crucial requirement for parents with smaller kids, which has allowed us to develop the ultimate in auto storage organizers. Without a doubt, this car storage organizer will be incredibly useful for all drivers, as it has been designed to store all common sized electronic gadgets, treats and beverages, with everything accessible at arms length.”

Neil described that there had been a couple of changes made to the overall design of the backseat organizer, in order to make the adaption possible to attach it in a forward facing position, saying images, technical and product info could be seen on the official Freddie and Sebbie Amazon shop. He finished by saying… “The very first front-facing automobile storage organizers ought to be available to purchase within the next couple of days, though customers can already see quality images and product info on the Amazon shop.”
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