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( — December 9, 2014) Bloomfield Hills, MI — Shannon Smith, Principal of The Law Offices of Shannon M. Smith, PC, discusses several recent cases involving high school students accused of “sexting.” Some of these teens have been charged with felonies after sending naked pictures of underage individuals to one another and to other people on their cell phones. This includes teens that are taking and sending pictures of themselves. These serious charges can alter the lives of these young students, who often do not realize how much trouble that they face.

The phenomenon of sexting has spread rapidly, where teenagers are routinely taking nude “selfies” and transmitting those images to each other. This has led to teenagers throughout Michigan, and the rest of the country, getting in trouble with their schools and worse yet, the law. Currently, Michigan does not have laws that are specific to sexting among teenagers. Instead, prosecutors are authorizing charges such as possession, production and trafficking of child pornography and child abuse against teenagers caught sexting. Ms. Smith has been retained to represent young students in a number of cases in order to prevent a moment’s indiscretion from ruining the future of these individuals.

One of Ms. Smith’s recent cases involves students who were implicated in sexting at several metro Detroit middle and high schools. Students were investigated about images of underage classmates that were taken and distributed. Ms. Smith appeared for news interviews with both Fox 2 and 7 Action News to discuss the case in Van Hoosen Middle School in Rochester Hills as well as high school sexting cases.

In the Fox 2 interview, Ms. Smith discussed the fact that it is important for parents to immediately realize the severity of the situations that their children face if they are being investigated for sexting. Many times, the parents attempt to cooperate with the investigating officers and provide information that can be used to support serious felony charges against their children. Although Ms. Smith realizes that teenagers do need to understand that their actions have consequences, she disputes that the harsh penalties possible in these cases is the right way to achieve the wake-up call that young students need.

In speaking with 7 Action News about the related case at Romeo Senior High and Rochester Adams High in Rochester Hills, Ms. Smith acknowledged that there is an epidemic of sexting. However, the manner in which the laws in Michigan currently are enforced may lead to many teenagers having to face negative consequences for a lifetime to come. Along with criminal charges, teens face potential jail or prison time, as well as sex offender registration. In order to prevent this devastating outcome for underage individuals, it is critical for the adults in a young person’s life, including parents, teachers, and law enforcement officers, to make them aware of the legal consequences of sending naked images to anyone. According to Ms. Smith, even in the best of circumstances, these images could end up in the wrong hands.

When discussing the sexting case with Seven Action News in another interview, Ms. Smith emphasized the fact that parents who learn about potential charges being brought against their teenagers should talk to an attorney before making any statements to investigating officers.

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