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( — December 9, 2014) Holetown, St. James —Settlers Beach Villa Hotel, in association with the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia has released a free video comparing rates and value of all Luxury Villa Holidays in Barbados. This video analysis is timely as hotel and villa websites do not show how their accommodation, rates and value compare in cost to other hotels and villas.

Hotel and villa websites typically do not compare their accommodation rates and value with other hotels and villas. Settlers Beach manager Vanessa Sumpter says that “travelers have to visit so many sites in order to get comparisons and proper explanation of how rates compare.”

According to Sumpter, while the rates and comparisons can be found on sites like, hotels don’t show other properties and visitors get weary of shifting between sites to make comparisons. Sumpter adds ‘This is particularly true with Villa Holidays as this class of self-catering accommodation is not well represented on the comparison shopping sites and Online Travel Agents, like and Expedia. This video helps to open the curtains on the villa vacations and give travelers insights they have difficulty finding.’

The video presents the Settlers Beach Villa Package costs in detail, laying out exactly what the savings are and showing how the rates compare with other luxury villas on the island. It is a comprehensive rate and comparison analysis that all hotels and tourism owners can do to help guests with their travel shopping.

Ian R. Clayton, CEO of the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia (, points out that hotels and hospitality managers can learn from this example: ‘All too often tourism marketers use terms like “best rate guaranteed” without detailing what it means. The industry special deals are described at the very best rate, often without showing how it breaks down and what the savings are.’

In the new Settlers Beach Video, the Special Package is itemized in powerful kinetic animation that details exactly what the savings are. These rates are then compared to a list of rates for similar luxury resorts. ‘It’s a clear proof of concept often overlooked by tourism marketers,’ says Clayton.

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