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(Newswire.net — December 11, 2014) St. Petersburg, Florida — A brand new study published in The Journal Obstetrics & Gynecology has recently emerged in which 2,000 women over the age of 40 were surveyed where one-third said they usually went to the bathroom at least twice a night.  While it might seem normal that as people get older that frequent urination during the night hours is normal, it actually isn’t.  


In his article in the Harvard Medical School News Review, Howard LeWine, M.D. from Harvard Medical School made mention of two of the most common causes of nocturia. He wrote, “Also consider your use of alcohol and caffeine, especially in the evening. Both of these drinks increase urine output by the kidneys.” However, Dr. LeWine did not make mention of common foods which could potentially antagonize the bladder and irritate it’s sensitive walls causing more trips to the bathroom then would otherwise be necessary.  Since we ingest food as a way to sustain ourselves on a regular basis and because the remnants of food and liquids ultimately get excreted through urination, then this means that people need to be aware of their dietary intake and how it can impact their bathroom habits. 


St. Petersburg based Overactive Bladder specialist and Overactive Bladder procedure patent holder Justin Mandel, DOM AP had this to say about this omission of information, “The report on the recent study that that the Harvard Medical News Review wrote failed to mention valuable information to its readers.  Given that our diet is essentially the first line of defense that people of all races and socieioeconomic backgrounds have to help prevent symptoms of all different kinds, more care should’ve been applied on providing significant valuable information of that nature. 


After all, health care should first and foremost be centered on wellness and the prevention of health symptoms through proper diet, exercise, and stress relief.  To omit this information and not present it for Harvard Medical School News Review’s readers fails to empower them. No doubt that the people are subscribing to this review because of the high level of trust they have for Harvard’s highly esteemed reputation thanks to its prestigious institution.  


So while it was good that alcohol and caffeine were mentioned in the article, I really think that people are growing tired of not getting access to basic easily available information ike this that can be easily applied to help prevent symptoms from occurring in the first place.  The future of healthcare after all lyes in prevention, and not with correction that’s after the fact with drugs and surgery. 


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