Bugs-R-Us Launches Bed Bug Program for Property Managers

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(Newswire.net — December 12, 2014) Houston, TEXAS — The Bed Bug Eradication Program for Property Management Companies is now being offered by Texas Bugs-R-Us. Infestations can do much damage to property and a property manager’s reputation, while creating health hazards within. The company’s new program focuses on both prevention and treatment. Bed bugs have a bad rap and can destroy the trust and loyalty of customers as well. A high-quality service is now available to effectively get rid of these pests or avoid an infestation altogether.

Texas Bugs-R-Us maintains a strong focus on prevention. This approach to pest control avoids any problems a bug infestation can cause. As a result, there is no property damage, health risks, or loss of reputation as a result of the presence of bed bugs. The company recognizes, however, that a management firm might take over and find the property filled with bed bugs. Its new service also caters to managers who are expected to adequately address an immediate situation.

Striking the Root of Infestations

The pest control company not only directly eradicates bed bugs and other pests. It gets to the root of the problem. Professional exterminators also work to seal up entry points. Rather than flooding properties with toxic chemicals, a bed bug heat treatment option is available. These tiny creatures hide in beds, carpeting, furniture, and cracks and crevices and feed on prey at night. Painful bites and the potential for transmitting disease are the result.

Using a portable, direct-fired propane heater, exterminators can kill the bed bugs and other insects in any hiding place in the room. This same method will also destroy any eggs left behind. There is no toxic pesticide, chemical residue, or residual damage.

“Bed bugs are a nightmare for property managers,” said Calvin Thigpen, owner of Texas Bugs-R-Us. “They cause pain and possible disease for clientele, and a damaged reputation is the least of it. Our newly launched eradication program helps property management companies effectively deal with the problem or prevent issues from happening. Business for Texas property owners can then continue as normal.”

With the expertise and equipment available, the company is prepared to restore normalcy after a bed bug infestation. A free quote can be obtained by contacting Texas Bugs-R-Us online. The company serves population centers throughout the Houston area.

For more information on the company and its Bed Bug Eradication Program for Property Management Companies, go to http://www.texasbugsrus.com/pest-control-services-for-property-managers.

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