Digital Thermometers Replace Mercury Thermometers Due to Environmental Danger

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( — December 16, 2014) Brighton, East Sussex — Due to the mercury released whenever a mercury thermometer is broken and the harmful effect it as on humans and the environment individuals are advised not to use mercury thermometers, they are even slowly being taken off the market.


Pure mercury and its compounds can cause neurological damage and ailments. Because of mercury’s poisonous state modern technology has upgraded thermometers to a safer tool with the implantation of digital thermometers.


One such is the thermometer is the DigiThermo by Just Brill. Now a best seller on Amazon, the DigiThermo Thermometer gives reading in both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. Made with a soft touch button to minimize discomfort it takes internal temperatures from the ear through infrared sensors. Said to give precise and accurate reading the thermo is also considered to give fast and hassle free readings.


The DigiThermo Thermometer has been receiving great reviews and has a five star rating on A number of the reviews left by customers include, “Excellent product. I used several times and it is really easy. I have a 5 months daughter and now I don’t have problems to take her temperature. I recommend!” and Easy to use, compact, accurate. What more do you need when you have a sick baby? Also the company seems real stand up and honest, they are eager to please their customers and seem very much about customer service, which means a lot to me.”


The DigiThermo Thermometer is available to all online shoppers via Amazon and comes with a lifetime money back guarantee.


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