Can Anxiety Be Cured Over The Phone?

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( — December 16, 2014) San Diego, California — Hypnosis or hypnotherapy uses relaxation, concentration, and attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness called a trance. When an individual is in this state, they are more open to discussion and can be treated for a number of conditions including phobias, fears, anxiety and related depression. Many people want to experience the benefits of hypnosis from the comfort of their own home rather than an office. That is why hypnotherapy phone sessions have proven to be so effective.

Over the last several years, noted hypnotherapist Dr. Dianne Ruth has been using hypnosis techniques to treat her clients for anxiety from her San Diego office. Dr. Ruth reported that clients prefer her phone hypnosis sessions as it saves them time, money, and enhances the session privacy and anonymity. This is part of the reason why Dr. Ruth is pleased to announce that she has just converted her entire practice to strictly phone hypnosis. This change will help make treatments possible for anyone, regardless of their location or schedule.

Hypnosis by phone not only adds an element of convenience, but it is proven to be more successful in treating clients with anxiety. Hypnosis is achieved by talking, looking at the hypnotherapist is not necessary and clients only have to listen. Dr. Ruth explains the process of hypnosis as the following; “The hypnotic trance state is a normal, natural, and frequently spontaneous state of mind. According to experts, we are in this commonplace trance state several hours every day. For example, whenever we become absorbed in a good book or movie, reminisce or go into memory, think about the future, daydream, are in pain, become emotional, get absorbed in a hobby or project and lose track of time, we are in hypnosis. During phone hypnosis you remain fully conscious, but are able to tune out distractions.”

Dr. Dianne Ruth holds her doctorate degree in clinical and counselling psychology and proudly boasts over 24 specialized certifications. To date, Ruth has a success rate of 97% when it comes to lifestyle counseling and life coaching methods. Part of her success is due to the fact that she takes a very personal approach to her practice. Clients  are able to reach her seven days a week confidentially. Dr. Ruth has a personal history of battling anxiety and openly discussing her story of “Anxiety Hell” on her website. She hopes that by converting her hypnotherapy practice entirely over the phone, her guidance and assistance will be more accessible for everyone.

Contact Dr. Dianne Ruth directly to find out more about her telephone hypnosis techniques. To read her personal story, visit her website directly.

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