New Guide Vows Productivity Boost for Pest Control Companies

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( — December 16, 2014) Phoenix, AZ — Andrew Greess, creator of and CEO of Quality Equipment and Spray, has a message for pest control operations everywhere – Stop Misusing Your Equipment! That premise led Greess to a new book Stop Spraying Money Down the Drain where he takes a closer look at the ways pest control companies can reduce downtime and change their costs on an ongoing basis.

Equipment Purchase Price Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

The equipment necessary to keep a pest control company up and running on a daily basis is expensive, and when combined with the many other costs required to run a pest control business, it can be tough to achieve profit goals. Enter Stop Spraying Money Down the Drain.

“I’ve been writing a column for Pest Management Magazine for years now, and as I sat down to write a new column, I realized that I had compiled a lot of reference material that my customers could use on a regular basis. I see these customers come into the shop with the same questions, so the book naturally grew out of that,” said Greess.

The book takes a systematic look at the many issues that can happen to the range of equipment used in the pest control business. Using a truly scientific approach, it breaks things down step by step to help boost a company’s overall productivity and reduce the downtime that occurs when equipment fails.

Greess was Director of Industrial Engineering for American Express prior to his work with Quality Equipment and Spray, and applying the reengineering process helped him realize that many of the equipment problems experienced by pest control companies could be easily avoided.

Well Received Choice

Greess has offered a buy back guarantee with the book, but given the early reviews, that’s hardly a necessity.

“I had one customer who has more than a hundred vehicles in his operation. He’s really savvy when it comes to this industry because he’s been part of it for so long, but he was surprised at how much new material the book contained,” said Greess.

Stop Spraying Money Down the Drain, is now available at and is on sale.


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