Athletic Greens Smoothies Shown to Curb Junk Food Cravings

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( — December 23, 2014)  Los Angeles, CA Craving foods is part of how the brain is wired. When a person desires a certain type of food all three regions of the brain can be blamed. The hippocampus, insula, and caudate are all activated when the cravings begin to happen. To make these food cravings more difficult to resist is the fact that foods high in fats and sugar have a calming effect and actually make individuals feel better. Food cravings peak at times when a person is suffering from anxiety or high levels of stress. Most people cave when they are yearning a specific food but there are a few tips and tricks to avoid eating junk food when the cravings occur.

People eat when they are sad, angry, depressed, or experiencing any other emotion. This is known as emotional eating and nearly every person has experienced this at some point in their lives. Some people are able to resist but for most people the desire is too strong and the only way to stop the cravings is to eat their vice food. Anybody who is able to fight these urges will simply just say stop eating junk foods like chips, chocolate, ice cream, and French fries. Well for the majority of people it’s not nearly that easy and sometimes it takes a little hard work and determination. Fortunately, just like any other bad habits junk food cravings can broke.

The simplest way for a person to break this habit is to eat healthier food alternatives when their cravings kick in. This means eating an apple instead of chips or reaching for a handful of mixed nuts instead of ice cream. While this may not sound enjoyable there are many foods that taste great and are healthy. If a person can sustain these eating habits for a few weeks they will start to notice diminished junk food cravings.

A more unique way to stop eating junk food is to start consuming a green smoothie each and every morning. The fruit, vegetable, and leafy green ingredients have a unique ability to alter the way taste buds work and return the body to a natural state of desire. Not only do these smoothies help cease the emotional need for junk food but also they provide a ton of vitamins and nutrients the body needs to thrive. One smoothie in the morning helps to keep people satiated throughout the day and limits the frequency of cravings.

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