Curious Puppies Launches “From Puppy To Dog Training” Video Course On Udemy

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( — December 21, 2014) Hamilton, ON — Curious Puppies is excited to announce the launch its brand new dog training video course called “From Puppy To Dog Training” on with lifetime access. The video course is aimed at people considering getting a dog as well as current dog owners looking to train either their puppy or older dog. It outlines the logical route that every new pet owner will go through from the moment they first consider getting a puppy to a fully trained well behaved dog.

“We have worked on this course for quite some time now.” says Berry van Loenen, owner of Curious Puppies. “And we are super excited to finally launch our course on Udemy. The idea for the dog training course was mainly because we deal with so many people on a day-to-day basis and wanted to have an easily accessible solution, but we noticed that so many other people have the same questions and struggles in training their dog properly. So we decided to open this up to the public so they can benefit from this too.”

“From Puppy To Dog Training” is broken down into easy to digest short videos in various sections. Depending on what stage you or your dog are in those are the videos that apply to you. Every common question new dog owners can have is answered and explained through practical application in the video course. Things like: Are you ready for a dog? How to potty train a dog? Crate training. Your first veterinarian visit. What to expect in the first few weeks.

A very powerful section in the video course is called the Fundamentals. This section breaks down the 7 Principles to Success in Training your Dog. It explains in layman’s terms the psychology of why dogs behave the way they do and how you can make the most out of life with your dog.

As an instructor, Berry van Loenen is consistently praised for his accurate teaching abilities and his honest and up front nature. Because of his love and passion for dogs and his love for teaching new pet owners, he is often called “The Dog Owner Whisperer“.


Berry has been educating dog owners on how to train their dogs effectively since 2007. Together with his wife, Leanne, they operate Curious Puppies, a Pet Adoption Service. Since its conception they have changed the lives of hundreds of families and helped make their homes a happier place.

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Curious Puppies specializes in Pet Adoption and Dog Training Services. As a Pet Adoption Service they take great care in providing their customers with healthy happy dogs. And as a Dog Training Service they pride themselves in providing their customers with practical dog training information.

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