Using LED Strip Light Kit Could Make for More Discreetness When Having Late Night Snacks

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( — December 24, 2014) San Francisco, CA — Late night snacking, while not often recommended, is something that many people practice to deal with late night hunger pangs. However, in family households, late night snackers run the risk of disturbing others who are asleep, especially when turning on bright lights in and around the kitchen. A new set of flexible LED strip lights from Mirage LED could provide a solution to such occurrences.

With a self-adhesive, double-sided tape backing, the lights are easy to install and can be attached to kitchen cupboards, along the edge of counters and just about any other smooth edges that might exist in the kitchen. When used in this manner, the lights which come in a 15-foot strip with a power supply and touch control RF remote, provide a radiant glow which is focused in the immediate surrounding area. Additionally, the brightness of the lights can be adjusted to suit the visibility requirements of the late night snacker, without affecting other members of the household.

Snacking late at night usually requires lights being turned on to safely find the way to the kitchen and to also see when inside the kitchen since this is where the refrigerator and microwave is located. If bedrooms are nearby, those who are sleeping may be disturbed, either by bright light seeping under their doors or from the noise of a light switch, or both. Using flexible light kits such as the LED strip light kit can help to deal with both possibilities. This is because, the RF remote provides noiseless operation and can be used to adjust the brightness of the lights, along with the color combinations and display patterns.

The lights do not only present the possibility of discreetness for persons who snack late at nights but are also energy efficient. This as they only require between 12 and 24 volts and the LEDs ensure that most of the energy consumed is converted to light rather than heat. This also ensures that the lights are safe to handle by anyone without the risk of burning.

Customers who get these versatile LED strip light kit also get a full warranty, backed by a no questions asked return policy. They are currently available to online shoppers who use Amazon.


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