Dr. Kareem Samhouri Announces New Exercise That Stops Plateauing

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(Newswire.net — December 24, 2014) Calgary, Alberta — Dr. Kareem Samhouri, online fitness guru, has invented a new way to exercise for weight loss that prevents plateauing. Most exercise plans help you lose fat for a while, and then they stop working.


His fat loss acceleration method, a new program of exercise for weight loss, excites nerves that relax during the day by doing 5 minutes of muscle balancing exercises. Combined with his exercise “stacking” strategy, this triggers continuous fat loss throughout the day.  


Dr. Samhouri says “With the unique progression built in to the Quadruple Neuro Fat Loss Stack™, we strategically prime your body to lose more and more fat each and every week, unlike typical fat loss programs in which results decline each week until you eventually hit a dreaded fat loss plateau.” 


Most exercise programs do not have the variety or the right strategy to get the body to  immediately start shedding pounds. They try to force the body to respond by working the muscles to exhaustion.  


Dr. Samhouri uses different muscle groups in a combination to trigger a fast aerobic and anaerobic reaction in the body. This puts a sudden demand on the body so the body draws on its reserves for energy. “Reserves” means fat. His strategic combination of exercises for weight loss that work related parts of the body at the same time uses up stored reserves of fat all over the body. 


The resting metabolism is much higher in people with more muscle.  That means as you start losing fat, your body continues burn fat even when you are not exercising. 


People typically reach the maximum rate of fat loss in the fourth week. That’s when it gets really good. Dr. Samhouri introduces two new exercise for weight loss “stacks” each week to keep the momentum going. The body gets the right exercise for weight loss at the right time, for as long as a person wants to keep going. 


This program works for beginners as well as athletes. Exercises progress from week to week to build a person’s muscle strength, agility and metabolism. 


Beginners and non-athletic people are often afraid of exercise programs because they feel it would be too difficult to learn. Sometimes, they are so out of shape that the least bit of strain on their muscles leads to muscle aches and joint pain.  


Dr. Samhouri says that “even seasoned athletes have the same kinds of problems…The reason for both groups is exactly the same – pushing yourself too hard”.  With this in mind, he has incorporated specific exercises and guidelines so people can get to know their body as they develop their abilities and capabilities.


Even though his exercise for weight loss program peaks the rate of fat loss at four weeks, it takes about 16 weeks to gain mastery of all the moves.  


Mastery doesn’t mean stagnation or plateauing of your progress. It’s a level of accomplishment where you can start doing some of the more advanced exercises that he introduces every week.


The constant variety of exercises and the natural progression in intensity keeps people losing weight for as long as it takes to achieve their goals.


It doesn’t end there, of course. Exercise for weight loss should be a life-long habit. Once a person has achieved their weight loss goals they can scale the intensity down a little, but they should continue a maintenance routine for the rest of their lives.


Continuing Dr. Samhouri’s ongoing exercise for weight loss training provides a great maintenance program you can keep doing without getting bored.



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